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Arthur Lawrence, Chartered Professional Accountant
At Arthur Lawrence, Chartered Professional Accountant, we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to know and expect.  We offer the best in Corporate and Personal Income Tax planning,  preparation of Financial Statements,  Business Consulting and Financial Planning.  Arthur Lawrence has been a Chartered Professional Accountant since 1981 with vast experience in National Accounting Firms.  Arthur is a member of The Canadian Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants, The Ontario Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants and is a Licensed Public Accountant.  Arthur Lawrence has been in Richmond Hill since 1985 and specializes in owner/manager businesses.  Arthur also has extensive experience with a wide range of businesses, such as:

- Distributors and manufacturers
- Retailers
- Residential and commercial real estate, land developers and builders
- Trade contractors
- Investment companies
- Not-for-profit organizations